My favorite restaurant, hands down. I come here with my family every time it’s one of our birthdays and we leave with full & happy tummies. My mom and sister love the sushi, my dad loves the sashimi, and I (with the more basic palate) get edamame, vegetable tempura, pork gyoza, and steak teriyaki and love it every time!! The owner is super nice too and always cares about and remembers us with a smile. I definitely suggest dining here if you enjoy a tasteful meal and atmosphere.
I come here with my family every time it's one of our birthdays


Yumi welcomes you to a true Neo-Asian Experience! Your palate will awaken to the finest ingredients available. We have a diverse menu influenced by the cuisine of South East Asia. Chef Shuenn takes pride in his kitchen and only expects the best from his well skilled sushi chefs and his talented staff. His open kitchen arouses the senses!

Yumi translates to “Most Beautiful,” a true description of the presentation of every dish from appetizer to entree and dessert. Your experience will be memorable.