For Sushi Lovers near the NJ Shore, this is a must try!!

On Friday night, I had sushi for dinner again at another BYOB! Yumi is an old favorite of mine, having lived only two miles away before my move to Maryland. A friend of mine and former neighbor have a standing date night to Yumi almost every time that we have dinner together. The restaurant has a trendy atmosphere, the food is delicious and they cater to her gluten free diet restrictions. We also greatly enjoy the ability to stop at the liquor store a few storefronts down, relax, talk over a bottle or two of wine and enjoy great food. I almost always order the same thing; however, I have never had anything that I did not like! Be warned, it is on the more expensive end for a sushi meal but the quality makes it worthwhile. I also factor in that we were able to bring our own wine, rather than buy each drink individually.

Sea Bright is a cute town but in season, parking can be an issue. There are parking meters in front of the restaurant and a large municipal lot across the street. Even in peak season, we have always been able to find parking in the lot in the evening.

For Sushi Lovers near the NJ Shore, this is a must try!! Bring a good friend, wine, and your appetite.

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