Absolutely love this place! We’ve been to many sushi & Japanese restaurants locally as well as outside of NJ and find Yumi to be exceptional. Yumi is always fresh, always inventive, always delicious. I particularly love the Yankee Roll, tuna taco, and organic salmon. The non-sushi items are wonderful as the sushi and sashimi. It’s not inexpensive and there are many small plate options but we go here regularly and have never been disappointed. An added bonus is that we almost always meet new people when eating here (especially if you’re sitting in a two-top along the far wall… the tables are closely situated and it lends itself to conversation) and the folks we meet are almost always foodies who love it as well. Regarding the service: we’ve become friendly with many of the wait staff and have found them attentive and responsive. At times the restaurant can be very busy but it is very well managed. I can’t recommend the experience more strongly.
Absolutely love this place!