The rolls are not too big and all the flavors are right on point. This is one of the few sushi spots where the “special” rolls really focus on flavor and is not just a pile of ingredients pulled together for looks. One of the best favorites is the tuna sashimi pizza; it’s incredible and showcases the tuna. I often find myself craving this dish. Out of the rolls, the Sea Bright one is a favorite, with yellowtail, tuna and salmon with avocado, cucumber, fish roe, Japanese mayo, and shaved bonito sprinkle. Another fun appetizer to order is the rice crispies dish or the Shuenn roll, which has salmon tartar and spicy tuna that melts in your mouth. Prices are on par with New York and items are a few dollars more than those of sushi places around the area, but the quality and creativity in all of the dishes is well worth it.
This is some of the most fantastic and innovative sushi in Monmouth County.
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