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    • Specials

    • Sushi / Sashimi

      Daily Imported & Seasonal Fish, Priced 2 Pieces

      Live Hotate – Live Scallop 10
      O-Toro - Blue Fin Tuna Belly Mp
      Botan-Ebi – Large Sweet Shrimp Mp
      Kanpachi – Amberjack (Japan) 10
      Aji – Horse Mackerel (Japan) 10
      Madai – Red Sea Bream 10

      King Crab Leg 10
      Organic Salmon 8
      Seared Organic Salmon Toro 10
      King Salmon Mp
      Ika – White Squid (Japan) 8
      O-Toro Tartare 22
      Tomato puree, wasabi
    • Rolls / Cold Small Plates

      Original Spicy Tuna Rice Crispy Roll (no seaweed)
      Sliced Jalapeno & Spicy Kabayaki Sauce

      New Pan-seared Rice Crispy Tuna
      Jalapeno, Chive Oil and Spicy Kabayaki Sauce

      Yankee Roll
      Yellowtail and Avocado with Layers of Spicy Tuna, Salmon
      and Top with Caramelized Creamy-Spicy Sauce


      Tuna Taco
      Guacamole, Jalapeno Salsa, Wonton Shell

      Onion Salmon Roll
      Sweet Onion Tempura, Spicy Salmon Tartare
      With Spicy Kabayaki Sauce


      Madai Fingerlime
      Micro Greens, Sea Salt, Yuzu Soy

      Spicy O-Toro Roll

      Soy Paper, Wasabi Soy

      * with Brown Rice +1.50, Home-made Ginger +3
      Prices/items subject to change based on market availability & freshness,
      some items may no longer be available

    • Asian Palate Trends

      Wasa-Kanpachi - Chopped Wasabi 12

      Wasa-Octopus - Chopped Wasabi 12

      King Crab Sumono – Rice Vinegar, Cucumber 14

    • Ramen Noodle Soup / Bao

      Ramen Noodle Soup ~ 15

      Choose One:

      • 12-Hours Roasted Pork Belly - Cabbage, Scallion
      • House-Made Shrimp Wonton - Pea Shoots
      • Spicy Braised Beef Shank - Mustard Greens

      Pork Belly Bao ~ 10
      Steamed White Bun, Scallion, Cucumber, Cilantro, Hoisin Sauce

    • Wagyu

      **Only limited orders will be served per day**

      Yumi Restaurant proudly offers you the world’s most exquisite beef as part of our delicious menu.

      Chef Shuenn Yang is pleased to serve you the exclusive Kobe Beef in his unique creative cuisine.

      Wagyu Sushi or Sashimi (2 pieces)
      With Chopped Fresh Wasabi

      Miyazaki Wagyu Tartare
      With Ginger-Saffron-Soy Sauce & White Truffle Oil Drizzle

      Seared Wagyu Carpaccio
      Jicama, Saffron-Soy Sauce & Gochujiang Aioli

      Wagyu Beef Grilled on ***Stone ( 6 pieces )
      ***CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. The stone and stand are very hot. Do not touch with your hand, could cause burns & personal injury.
      Slices Of Strip Loin Grilled @ Your Table With Wasabi Flower Soy Sauce

      Strip Loin Kobe Steak ( 6 oz. )
       asparagus with butter-yuzu sauce

    • Warm Small Plates

      Red Curry Prawns  12
      Thai Herbs, Chili Threads, Jasmine Rice

      with Brown Rice 1.5
      with Home-made Ginger 3